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Yellowstone National Park is one of the coolest places on earth! A couple weeks ago I told you about our spontaneous excursion to Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park after visiting Colorado. We had a couple of extra days in our road trip agenda, so we decided to make our way to this glorious park. We […]

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March 15, 2018

Yellowstone National Park | Our Great American Road Trip | Part 6

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I’m so excited to share another post from the Great American Road Trip I took with my friend, Ashley, last summer! My last post was about our time in Rocky Mountain National Park. Check that out if you haven’t seen it! Today I’m sharing our spontaneous excursion to Wyoming and the sights we saw along […]


February 15, 2018

Wyoming Excursions | Our Great American Road Trip | Part 5

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Wonderful, Wild, Colorado. I can’t say enough good things about this majestic state. On our 35-day, 25-state road trip last summer, Ashley and I both agreed that Rocky Mountain National Park was one of our favorite places and we can’t wait to go back! I am so excited to share photos from our trip there […]


December 7, 2017

Our Great American Road Trip | Part 4 | Rocky Mountain National Park

rocky mountain national park
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It’s Thursday, so I’ve got another travel post for you today! If you are new to my blog, let me tell you what this series is about! Last summer, my good friend Ashley and I went on a 35-day, 25-state cross country road trip. It was incredible! On Thursdays I share either some travel tips […]


November 30, 2017

Our Great American Road Trip | Part 3 | Colorado Springs & Red Rocks Park

colorado springs
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Ashley and I learned so much on our 35-day, 25-state road trip last summer! We also learned some tips for making your car ride easier! These are practical tips that just make your life easier. Today I’m sharing a few of these car hacks and travel tips we learned along the way! 1. Keep the […]


October 26, 2017

Road Trip Car Hacks and Travel Tips

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Whenever I mentioned that our road trip route was taking us through Kansas, people always said, “there’s nothing out there! You’ll get bored really fast!” To my surprise, I found the landscape fascinating. Growing up in the southeast, there moments of unhindered views of the horizon are fleeting. Trees or buildings line the streets everywhere […]


October 19, 2017

Our Great American Road Trip | Part 2 | Exploring Kansas

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Packing for a long trip can be a daunting task. Do you need to pack all of that water? Do you need clothes for every day? My friend Ashley and I went on a 35-day cross-country road trip last summer and we made some notes about what to pack. Today we are sharing them with […]


October 12, 2017

Road Trip Planning | What Do I Pack? | Travel

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Last week I gave some tips on how to begin planning a road trip. On Thursdays, I plan on alternating between posts with an overview of our trip and posts with general tips and information. Today is part 1 of my and Ashley’s Great American Road Trip! Our trip started in Mechanicsville, VA for Bethany […]


October 5, 2017

Our Great American Road Trip | Part 1 | Indianapolis, Casey, and St. Louis

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Last summer I had the amazing opportunity of going on a 35-day road trip across 25 states with one of my good friends, Ashley. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life! Up until that point, I had barely ventured outside of the southeastern US. Some of the things we saw were mind […]


September 28, 2017

10 Tips for Planning a Road Trip | Travel

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This summer I had the opportunity to travel to New York City with one of my closest friends in the world! I was in New York to shoot Brian and Jocelyn’s wedding in Bath, and since my friend Elisa is a close friend of theirs, we decided to go together! My sister-in-law and her family […]


September 21, 2017

One day in NYC | Travel