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February 7, 2018

My Favorite Photo Session Locations | Part 3 | College Locations

Happy Wednesday!! Today I’m sharing some more of my favorite photo session locations! This time, it’s my favorite college locations! We have some beautiful college campuses in the upstate! My favorite college campuses to shoot at are Anderson University and Furman University. These campuses boast beautiful, and diverse locations for shooting! They also work great for shooting because the facilities nearby make changing outfits a breeze! We don’t have to walk long ways and can focus on shooting! Keep scrolling to see some of my favorite spots for photographs on these college campuses!

College Campus Photo Session Locations

You might be thinking, why would I want photos at a college campus I didn’t attend? You’re not alone! College campuses may not be your first thought for your engagement, bridal, or family photos. But the diverse scenery, the beautifully manicured locations, and the nearness of indoor locations make these places one stop shops for photos! You won’t be disappointed if you choose one of these locations for your next photo session!

Anderson University

I love shooting at Anderson University! It’s a smaller campus, so all of the locations are nearby. It also has some really beautiful indoor locations like this first room below. The abundance of natural light makes these photos always favorites of mine! I usually suggest this location when brides or couples are looking for indoor locations that won’t charge to photograph there!

college photo session anderson university

college photo session anderson university

There are also some really fun outdoor locations for shooting! All of these locations are super close by. I love the rustic charm of the campus at Anderson University! We also get some grandeur when shooting in front of the administration building! The columns are gorgeous!

college photo session anderson university
college photo session anderson university

Furman University

Furman is always a go-to college location for sessions because of its immaculate gardens, greenery, and all around beauty. I’ve shot at Furman more times than I can count, and there are SO many great spots for photographing. Since I have tons of images and favorite spots, I decided to categorize them by location!! Keep scrolling to see more of what Furman has to offer!

Spring blooms

My favorite thing about Furman in the spring is the abundance of beautiful blooms around the college campus!! My absolute favorite trees are dogwood trees, and there are dogwoods galore at Furman! We have to catch these at just the right time. They only bloom in April!!

college photo session Furman university

The Rose Garden

The Rose Garden is one of those classic, timeless, photo locations that I will always enjoy. In a good year, the roses bloom all the way from May to November!!

college photo session Furman university rose garden

The Furman Mall

The light here is naturally diffused by the trees, so we always get amazing soft light here!! Golden hour boasts some incredible bokeh and golden light!!!

college photo session Furman university mall

Near Classroom Buildings

If you want an industrial feel to your photos, Furman has that, too! These photos were all taken near some of the classroom buildings on campus!

college photo session Furman university

These Magical Evergreen Trees

I’m pretty sure that almost every session I photograph at Furman, we just HAVE to stop at these evergreen trees. The lighting is always perfect, no matter the time of day, and I am totally in love with all of the images I take here. You can usually find me hiding inside the tree to create beautiful foregrounds for these images!!

college photo session Furman university

Woods By the Lake

Want a woodsy location? Yep, it’s got that too.

college photo session Furman university

Furman Lake

Another classic Furman location is the lake!! We can choose to shoot with the belltower in the background or not! It’s totally up to you! The lake is especially beautiful and the light especially soft at twilight during blue hour!

college photo session Furman university lake

The Duncan Chapel

If you’re looking for an iconic shot, this is it.

college photo session Furman university duncan chapel

Other Random Spots

Here are some other random spots that I love photographing on the college campus of Furman University! The bridge, the ballfields, the Asia garden, the building next to the rose garden, the grass by the lake. You can’t go wrong with any of these spots!

college photo session Furman university

These images are from two recent family shoots. One was taken at a garden near the Asia garden, and the other is in a cute grove of trees by the McAlister Auditorium! These spots are super fun in the fall, but would also be beautiful in the spring!

college photo session Furman university

There you have it! My favorite college photo session locations! Be sure to check out my last posts in this series: Mountain Locations and Nature Locations!

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