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October 2, 2018

Downtown Greer Photoshoot Locations

Downtown Greer Photoshoot Locations

Downtown Greer is one of my all-time favorite places for photoshoots! It is so charming and beautiful! I love the small-town vibe and the many brick buildings. Plus the light we get in Greer City Park is gorgeous! If you want a downtown vibe to your session but want to avoid the crowds of Downtown Greenville, you might want to do a Downtown Greer Photoshoot!

Downtown Greer is a fabulous option for photoshoots not only because it is quaint and often not crowded, but also because everything is so close by! We really have a lot of variety, and you can pick and choose which spots you’d like to visit!

Downtown Greer Photoshoot Locations

Greer City Park

I love Greer City Park!! The water features are super fun and the field is vast and open. There are also some spots that you wouldn’t expect to have fabulous light!! I like to break the park down into three main sections: 1) the “park proper” with the fountains and steps to the amphitheater, 2) the front walkway and field, and 3) grassy areas with gorgeous light really close to the entrance of the park! Check them out below!

The Main Part of Greer City Park

Downtown Greer Photoshoot City Park

The Front Walkway and the Field in Greer City Park

Downtown Greer Photoshoot City Park

The Gorgeous Light at Grassy Areas in Greer City Park

Downtown Greer Photoshoot City Park

The Gazebo at the Cannon Centre

The Cannon Centre is just a short walk from Greer City Park! Here there are nice places to shoot near the building, some trees with light coming through near the water, and, of course, the gazebo! I’ve shot here in rainy weather and in sunny skies, and it’s always great! It would be a perfect option for your Downtown Greer Photoshoot!

Downtown Greer Photoshoot Cannon Centre Locations

Brick Buildings in Downtown Greer

I absolutely love all of the buildings that we can shoot near in Downtown Greer! The first spot below is one where I ALWAYS love taking my clients. We can get a super rustic feel shooting behind the buildings, or a more modern feel shooting near the white wall! I love it so much! There are also plenty of other great spots for shooting, and they are all within walking distance of each other!

This Two-Toned Alleyway

Downtown Greer Photoshoot Locations

This Area with the Large Boarded Windows

Downtown Greer Photoshoot Locations

These Spots with Fun Architectural Elements

Downtown Greer Photoshoot Locations

Other Fun Locations for a Downtown Greer Photoshoot

Below are some of my other favorite spots to shoot! The Pepsi-Cola Wall near the Cannon Centre, The Spinning Jenny, and some other fun colored doorways along the road. We also might as well stop and get a street photo while we’re at it!! The main drag on Trade St. is so quaint and adorable. It would be a perfect place for some engagement or anniversary photos with your sweetheart, or even senior photos like you see below!

Downtown Greer Photoshoot Locations

There you have it! Some of my favorite places to shoot in Downtown Greer. If you want to schedule your shoot in Greer let me know! I’d love to help you create a list of your favorite places and make a game plan for your shoot. I can’t wait for your session!

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Happy Planning!

– Christi

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