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October 27, 2017

Second Shooter Benefits | Part 2

Last week I shared why it’s so important to have a second shooter at your wedding! In fact, I think it’s SO important, that I’m now offering it with all of my wedding packages! I would be doing my clients a disservice if I didn’t give them the best experience possible and give complete coverage of their day, and that’s why all of my coverage now includes a second shooter! Huzzah! I’m going to continue the theme of why they are so important by sharing some more benefits including some of my favorite images from my second shooters! I hope you enjoy it!

See Both Sides of Your First Look


Capture Special Moments when I’m photographing something else


You can see me in the left corner of this top image! We were heading outside to shoot the family formals and my second shooter captured this sweet moment of the bride and her mom!

See Your Ceremony from Different Angles

This particular ceremony was held indoors in a very small space! It was so tight I knew I wouldn’t be able to be in my normal spot in the aisle, so I decided to set up right behind the bridesmaids. I was literally squatting down and against the wall! I knew that I wouldn’t be able to move around during the ceremony because that would be distracting to the guests! But it worked out perfectly with my second shooter. I was able to capture the bride and groom’s FACES during their ceremony, and some super sweet moments during their communion! My second shooter was able to capture the wide angles and shoot from the back of the ceremony! We couldn’t have shot this ceremony effectively without two shooters!


Here’s my second shooter’s kiss shot compared to my kiss shot! I love both angles! 2017-10-27_0008.jpg

This ceremony was one of the biggest I have ever shot! There were about 300 guests, and the auditorium was huge! We were able to capture close shots and wide shots that wouldn’t have been possible without two shooters!

Here’s my image on the left and my second shooter’s on the right!

Capture Your Groom’s Reaction

These photos are a PERFECT example of why a second shooter is so important. It’s impossible to capture the groom’s face AND the bride’s face during these awesome moments with only one shooter!

This aisle was so long and we wouldn’t have gotten these shots without two shooters!


In this ceremony, the church had rules in place to keep the photographers from being distracting during the ceremony. The only places we could shoot were outside of the door in the back of the church and in the balcony! But it worked because we had two photographers. There would have been NO WAY to capture the groom’s face and the bride coming down the aisle with one shooter!

Capture Your Reception Untouched

This is a big one too! Often, the reception location is different from the ceremony location. When that’s the case, there’s no way to get a shot of the reception venue untouched without two shooters because they usually don’t have it set up early! At this wedding, my second shooter was able to leave immediately after the ceremony and head to the reception before any guests arrived while I stayed behind and captured family formals.


More Getting Ready Shots

I’m often shooting bridal details while the girls are getting ready. With two shooters, we don’t miss anything! My second shooter can photograph the girls getting ready while I’m shooting details!


Getting Ready Shots of the Guys

This part of the day is often overlooked! When I’m hanging out with the girls, my second shooter can go capture the guys getting ready! With one photographer, there just isn’t time for these photos!


Kids Doing Cute Things

Another reason I love having a second shooter is because they can capture closeups of kids during group shots while I’m shooting the main image! These pics are priceless!


Fun Side Shots of Your Bridal Party

Side shots are my favorite, and I love having my second shooter get these shots on the big day! I can capture the main images straight on while she captures fun shots from the side!


Romantic Side Shots During Your Portraits

Need I say more?


Capturing Extra Elements of Your Venue

Here are some images my second shooters captured of unique elements of the venues! These were both captured while I was hanging out with the girls doing their getting ready shots and detail shots!

Extra Portraits of Your Bridal Party

I love having my second shooter get individual shots of each bridal party member! We don’t have time for this with one shooter!


More Complete Coverage of Your Reception and Getaway

I love these images of this dance from Matt & Emily’s wedding! My second shooter captured the close shot while I captured the wide shot with the bride and her dad!


Another one from their wedding! Matt & Emily’s getaway was the biggest I’ve ever seen! I wanted to capture a wide shot to see all of the guests, but I knew that the close shots would be so romantic! With two shooters, you can capture both angles!

Here are some more favorites images from my Second Shooters!


The benefits of having a second shooter are too many to count! I hope you enjoyed looking through these images! My second shooters this season have been AWESOME! I shoot with Sara Touchet, Sarah Marko, and Devin Hayman. I love these ladies so much and am so glad to be able to work with them and give my clients the best experience possible!

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