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November 16, 2018

The Village of West Greenville Engagement Session | Alex & Amanda

the village of west greenville engagement session

Earlier this week, I shared Alex & Amanda’s proposal story. Now it’s time to share their engagement shoot from The Village of West Greenville!! I just love these two. As I mentioned before, I met them in college! Alex was a music major and Amanda was in my society! Amanda and I grew pretty close over the years between being society officers together, having classes together, and being in Discipleship Groups together. We’d chat about the Word, life, relationships, and singleness, since we both spent most of our college years single.

My last semester of grad school we were in a biblical counseling class together. One of Amanda’s high school students was a student worker where Alex worked and she introduced the two of them. Later, Amanda asked me what I knew about Alex. I’m not quite sure what I said as I didn’t really know him that well, but probably something along the lines of him being one of the coolest and most interesting people around. After that, she thought she would never see him again.

When I was in grad school, I started a tradition at the end of every semester. I’d plan a party at my house and invite all of my music friends. It was always super chill, and the winter months were the best. We would have a fire out back, drink hot cider, coffee, and hot chocolate homemade by my mom. Since most of my friends were from choir, we’d also spend a lot of time singing around the fire. Those that could stay later would come back in and play some games after the fire died down. It was always the best! I think that Alex was actually one of the people that came to the first one I planned in 2014!

Well, in December 2016, my last semester of school, I planned the last shindig of my school years. I invited more people beside music friends, including Amanda.  This bonfire night was particularly special because I had just started talking to my now husband, Matt a month before the party. I decided to invite him and his siblings along too! I remember Amanda came over early and all I talked about was how I wanted spend some time talking to this Matt person and how I thought he was so cute. Little did I know that Amanda would also be doing some talking of her own… Amanda & Alex ended up sitting beside each other and they chatted the whole night!

Amanda & Alex are PERFECT for each other. They are both so genuine, kind-hearted, and thoughtful. They share a love for art, education & learning, and a love for the Lord. Their favorite things to do are have long talks, go to art shows, hike, and visit coffee shops. Since they love coffee shops so much, we decided to do their engagement session at The Village of West Greenville and stop at The Village Grind for coffee! The Village Grind is one of my favorite hangouts. We also got some liquid nitrogen ice cream from Carol’s Ice Cream right next door! It was so cool watching them blend everything together!

Our schedules only coincided for ONE day before their wedding, and it was November 1. Unfortunately, the forecast showed heavy rain that day! We decided to shoot anyways, and I’m so happy we did! I love the fact that they were able to warm up for some coffee after spending some time out in the rain. I am also glad that they got to showcase some of their favorite things to do together in this shoot. Have long talks and visit coffee shops!

Amanda & Alex, I’m so happy for you guys and I can’t wait for your wedding!

Thanks so much to The Village Grind and Carol’s Ice Cream for letting us snap some photos in their shops!

The Village of West Greenville Engagement Session

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